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The Kiipr pouch is a snap-closing vinyl pouch that extinguishes cigarette butts and holds them, discreetly, until they can be discarded in a trash can. It's lightweight and small enough to fit in any pocket.

Using the Kiipr
Just lift the Kiipr's flap, pinch the sides to open the foil-lined pocket, and drop your cigarette butt in. Fold the flap and snap it shut. In moments your cigarette goes out, while its odor is locked inside. You can empty the Kiipr safely in the next trash receptacle you come across, and use it again and again. Kiiprs will hold three or four standard cigarette butts at a time.

The Kiipr story
Portable pouch ashtrays like the Kiipr were invented in Japan and have been used there for decades. We decided to bring them to North America so that conscientious smokers would have a convenient, stylish and inexpensive way to manage their stubs without mess or odor.

Buying the Kiipr pouch
Kiipr pouches are showing up in more and more tobacco shops and convenience stores every day. If you can't find them in your neighborhood, please click over to our Amazon store to buy a three-pack for only $4.49 (plus S&H).