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How is the name Kiipr pronounced?

Is the Kiipr made for one-time use?
No, the Kiipr pouch can be used and emptied over and over again.

Does the Kiipr last forever?
Only in our hearts. You'll want to buy a new Kiipr when the old one is cracked or worn through, or if it begins to have a cigarette odor even when closed, or when your friend borrows it and doesn't give it back.

How many colors of Kiipr are available?
At this time, Kiiprs come in three colors: Kiipr Green, Kiipr Orange, and Expensive-Rain-Slicker Yellow.

My friend is pronouncing it "Kipper". Is this correct?
Really, we pronounce it "Keeper." But if your friend has more Kiiprs than you, you know who wins, right?

Why does the kangaroo say "put!"? That's not grammatically correct.
That's still pretty good, for a kangaroo.